Addicted To Art

I hesitate to say this, but I have Parkinson’s Disease, and one medication I take causes addictive behaviors. For me it was shopping- benign enough however extravagant. But it wasn’t doing drugs, drinking, gambling, whatever negative things you can think of. Then I started to make art again last year and put my previous profession more into the background of my life. I had to, as painting occupied most of my waking hours. I now paint 8 to 10 hours about 6 days a week, an addiction that makes me happy, involved with life, doing something positive. Someone I met in a store, where I didn’t buy anything, just looked at beautiful things I would have bought a year ago, asked me to write about my behavior change and see if other people could in some way find a way to find different addictions, too. So here it is. “How I became a painter again”.

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