Joan Brownstein

Addicted To Art

I hesitate to say this, but I have Parkinson’s Disease, and one medication I take causes addictive behaviors. For me it was shopping- benign enough however extravagant. But it wasn’t doing drugs, drinking, gambling, whatever negative things you can think of. Then I started to make art again last year and put my previous profession more into the background of my life. I had to, as painting occupied most of my waking hours. I now paint 8 to 10 hours about 6 days a week, an addiction that makes me happy, involved with life, doing something positive. Someone I met in a store, where I didn’t buy anything, just looked at beautiful things I would have bought a year ago, asked me to write about my behavior change and see if other people could in some way find a way to find different addictions, too. So here it is. “How I became a painter again”.

Visit Stopped Flows to see 8 new paintings

Flow Style

Some artists have periods of seeming stylistic regression, as well as the more expected progression. For example, generally artists begin their artistic work with representational subject matter. Many later then gradually transform their work into something more abstract. For most who make this transition, it is permanent. For others it is a stage in their work, and it is abandoned and they again work with representational subject matter. For many who make this type of change, it represents for them constants as well as changes.

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New Flow Paintings

I’ve added some new flow paintings to the Stopped Flow section of my portfolio page. You can see them here.

Antiques and The Arts Weekly Article

Twelve years ago Laura Beach photographed our house for this same publication, the emphasis then being on living with antiques in a modern environment, and it included a picture of my studio. The conversation that we had about my painting at my show opening at Cooley Gallery was one of those times when the content of a casual friendship changes and deepens, and we have now come to know each other better. Business related friendships so often lack that depth, and it is meaningful when that gap is crossed.

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Bruce Campbell Making Sculpture Kinetic

Below is an Article I wrote for Modern Magazine about sculptor Bruce Campbell. I’ve started collecting his work:

Bruce Campbell: Making Sculpture Kinetic

Paper Takes on a Whole New Dimension in Cooley Gallery exhibition

By Amy J. Barry

Joan R. Brownstein describes her most recent artwork as “painting with paper,” even though she creates meticulous mixed media works with cut paper, colored pencil and graphite on mat board. And no paint.

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Cooley Gallery Installation

Installation at the Cooley Gallery. .

New Work

I added some new work to the site today. A series of acrylic flow paintings titled Stopped Flows and additions to the Circles, Harmony, and Squares galleries. Plus a new gallery titled Grids.

Joan R. Brownstein at The Cooley Gallery

Jeffrey Cooley talks with The Antiques and The Arts Weekly about his exhibition of artist Joan R. Brownstein. Brownstein is a folk art portraiture dealer and has been an expert in her field since the 1980s. Though, lately, she’s been busy in her studio. Brownstein’s latest efforts have culminated in a selection of works on paper that will be shown at The Cooley Gallery after the Philadelphia Antiques & Art Show. Joan’s solo exhibition is entitled Painting with Paper

Cooley Gallery Show

The Cooley Gallery is proud to announce:

Painting with Paper

An exhibition and sale of new collages by Joan Brownstein

April 23rd through May 28th, 2016


OLD LYME, CT The Cooley Gallery is proud to announce Painting with Paper an exhibition and sale of original works by Joan Brownstein. Yes, that Joan Brownstein.

Art and antiques dealers are a passionate lot. Ask them a question within their chosen subject and prepare yourself for an interesting and thorough answer. These people know their fields. If you get personal with them you’ll often find they had a “life” before their current one and sometimes this other passion is more than just an attendant interest.

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