Art as Therapy

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Boston Home Decor Show

The Boston Home Decor Show will open with a gala preview on November 17, 2016 at 5:30 through 8:30.The opening is designed to benefit DIFFA: Design Industries Fighting Aids. The show will be open Friday, November 18 through Sunday, November 20. Its hours are 11-5pm. Most of the exhibiting dealers have decor emphasizing businesses. A few artists will exhibit their own work, as will Joan Brownstein.

Francesca Anderson Show

Francesca Anderson will be having her annual group show at her gallery, FRANCESCA ANDERSON FINE ART/PORTRAITS NORTH. The focus of the show is on the diversity her artists can create, and it also includes artists not normally on her roster. Each artist in the show has been asked to bring 2-5 related works of relatively small size. This show is titled THE 32ND ALMOST MINIATURES SHOW.

Joan Brownstein is new to the show and will be working abstractly.

Diebenkorn Influence

Dear Helen, also Doug and Lynn, and Micheal,

I have been remiss. I have not answered your emails and feel remorse. You showed an interest in my work and I did not reply.. Words are difficult to find. Painting is a conversation, but with myself. But you heard me. Helen gave me a clue. Hidden inside my small box of square business cards (called moo cards) she slipped in a similar card of her own. Today I found it and went to her website. She mentioned Richard Diebenkorn as an influence, a major influence that I mention, too, on my website. We both do abstract and representational work. We are the same age, we have shown in the same gallery which is where we met and spoke briefly. I forget names. I feel close to her.
Doug and Lynn. Is either of you an artist? The odds are great. Please let me know. We feel close to people who respond to our work because they relate to us, too.

Michael, you requested a price list. I will send you a separate note. Are you an artist? I will post the results of this one question survey. Thank you all for the time you took to write and the appreciation you showed.

With fond regards,


Antiques and The Arts Weekly Article

Twelve years ago Laura Beach photographed our house for this same publication, the emphasis then being on living with antiques in a modern environment, and it included a picture of my studio. The conversation that we had about my painting at my show opening at Cooley Gallery was one of those times when the content of a casual friendship changes and deepens, and we have now come to know each other better. Business related friendships so often lack that depth, and it is meaningful when that gap is crossed.

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Paper Takes on a Whole New Dimension in Cooley Gallery exhibition

By Amy J. Barry

Joan R. Brownstein describes her most recent artwork as “painting with paper,” even though she creates meticulous mixed media works with cut paper, colored pencil and graphite on mat board. And no paint.

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Cooley Gallery Show

The Cooley Gallery is proud to announce:

Painting with Paper

An exhibition and sale of new collages by Joan Brownstein

April 23rd through May 28th, 2016


OLD LYME, CT The Cooley Gallery is proud to announce Painting with Paper an exhibition and sale of original works by Joan Brownstein. Yes, that Joan Brownstein.

Art and antiques dealers are a passionate lot. Ask them a question within their chosen subject and prepare yourself for an interesting and thorough answer. These people know their fields. If you get personal with them you’ll often find they had a “life” before their current one and sometimes this other passion is more than just an attendant interest.

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