Creative Positive Reinforcement

Dear Joan, I have just spent a very happy couple of hours exploring your painting website. I have always had a love of geometry – so your work instantly triggers all the right synapses. I am always arranging my desk and things around me geometrically, and while to some friends this is OCD, for me it is the way of nature! Interestingly though, I was also attracted by the “Stopped Flows” collection – maybe the least geometric – but still deeply inspiring. I am far too artistically uneducated to say more – but suffice it to say: it hits the spot. And more treats were in store. Your “Art as Therapy” article is just wonderful ~ the whole notion of transferring an addictive impulse towards something creative is something so positive and relevant to us all. I am so pleased my intuition led me so unexpectedly to your work!

—Peter Anderson, England